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Working Methods

How portrait sculpture / whole figure lifesize commissions work...
Note that I do travel absolutely anywhere in the world for commissions!

  1. A young client face to face with his bustDecision: you contact me by e-mail or telephone, we discuss your initial requirements and desired completion date, we agree on the price of the portrait which can be either in bronze or in terra cotta (see both types here), and a timescale. For examples of bust commissions executed in the past, click here. To see a whole figure lifesize, look at Tony "Socks" Byrne sculpture. To see larger than life-size see Tennis Terracotta Warriors.

    Note: Prices for a sculpture portrait / bust vary according to size (lifesize, or larger than lifesize), whether the portrait will consist of full head and neck only or full head, neck and shoulders, whether the sculpture portrait is for a home (private residence) or for public display. As a rough indication, for a lifesize portrait or bust: from / between US dollar $ 6000 - 9500 equivalent to GBP £ 3600 - 5600, includes original artwork, finished lifesize bronze. Does not include travel expenses (which may be minimal depending on where I am), the base of the sculpture (can be slate, marble, wood, or bronze to suit the sculpture) or costs of shipping the bronze to you when cast.
    In addition to the bronze, you may also decide to purchase the original clay fired into terra cotta.

  2. Formal commission: you confirm to me the commission in writing by e-mail or mail and you send an initial payment - usually one third of the total amount I have quoted you and a start date is agreed on.

    (To initiate a commission, simply e-mail me with a short description of what you have in mind and what your geographical location is. I can then send you an accurate quote.)

  3. Initial appointment (if subject is to pose): of approximately one hour... I take pictures and measuments, we discuss the angle and mood of the pose

  4. "Fleshing out" the portrait sculpture: then I get the bust advanced to about 70% or so in clay (this is not an exact science so percentages are a complete estimate!).

  5. The second appointment is an actual sitting to make adjustments and progress the sculpture portrait. Estimated time is a couple of hours minimally.

  6. The third appointment is again an actual sitting. Sometimes the work is finished at this point sometimes I will require a fourth or even a fifth sitting. This is largely played out until we (the "subject" and I) are both satisfied that we have the likeness and the mood and ultimately have arrived at the fine art piece you have commissioned me to create for you.
    Mr. Paul Morgan with his completed bust in clay
  7. At that point I shall require a second payment before proceeding to make a mould. We will also discuss and agree how the piece is to be cast, patinated (coloured) and mounted.

  8. Moulding & Casting the artwork: I will then get the sculpture portrait cast in the foundry, rework the piece at the wax stage (there is ALWAYS some finishing required as there is a limit to wet clay as a material and some details are best worked in the wax).

  9. Patination & Base: By all means, let me know if you have a patina colour preference to suit the location where the sculpture will be placed. I will also supervise the patination process in the foundry and mount the sculpture portrait onto a base if appropriate.

  10. Delivery/Shipment: Finally, upon completion of the work in bronze, I shall either bring/ship the bronze bust to you or you can pick it up from my studio in Kent.

  11. Timescale for a bust: Estimated time from first sitting to finished portrait 4-8 weeks depending upon the subject's ability to schedule the 1st, 2nd and any subsequent sittings as close together as possible. Location is never a problem - I travel all over the world for sculpture portrait commissions.

    To initiate a commission, simply e-mail me with a short description of what you have in mind and what your geographical location is. I can then send you an accurate quote.

Commissioning other types of sculpture

I can undertake other types of sculpture commissions:


See a few completed sculpture portrait commissions

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