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"Artists of the Future" - relief sculpture by Laury Dizengremel

A Poem about Rodin
for Cathy Roberts Bird

To have been taught by someone,
who was taught by someone
who was taught by Rodin
is my explanation for the clay pieces
that burst from my hands...
To have been taught to teach,
by my teacher (Martine)
and you Cathy, by example,
makes my students in turn
produce those works of art
that make you gasp, amazes them
and gives another twist
to the mystique of Rodin's legacy
and our creative power
to stand on our own feet
yet be imbued by masters
of yesterday - with pride.
March 1995

Affinity Babe

Born an affinity babe
Hungry for love, for the strokes
Of a hand, and other strokes
For the fleeting smile of friends
For the purring of the cat
The closeness born of intimate
Sharings of secrets, and other intercourse
With fellow humans
Fellow spirits, fellow seekers

Born an affinity babe
Always an affinity babe, nurtured by warmth
The occupying of common space
The knowledge of mutual knowledge
By the reaching out, and up, and beyond
The barriers of social veneer
July 1994

Progress or Evolutions

The path has to be walked.
Every minute of every day, walked or run
With high spirits
Or regret - our or my choice.

Playing victim is easy, the path of least resistance.
Being strong, bearing forward on one's course
Requires pride and confidence.

Missing the absent ones, the long-gone friends and lovers
Yearning for satisfaction, now.
Or enjoying the here and the now and looking ahead.
The path has to be walked.
Small steps, long strides, giant leaps
I/we go into the face of eons of accumulated garbage
Seeking truth, making progress, undergoing evolutions.

Here a change, there a change.
Change is what we dream of it and make of it.
And part and parcel of the journey is the struggle.
Joy bubbles up at the odd moment,
Obstacles are overcome.
And each today spawns tomorrows of my making.
June 1994

The Festival

A festival of paintings
Dances danced and tunes sung
A gathering of artists multi-lingual
Multi-cultural, single-mindedly
Employed in displaying their souls
To each other, to the camera
To an audience enthralled...
Meeting minds, meeting fellows
Intertwined in their thoughts
In an exchange of notes
Of strokes on instruments, or canvases
Or sculptured armatures
Rejoicing in their skills
And in the art of life
A festival of spirits
Dancing free, singing free, playing free
Standing tall, in unison
Beneath the mellow warmth of spotlights
Or alone, revealing
And sharing themselves
Point/counter point
Step/counter step
High notes, low notes
Displays of generous gifts
And above all the message
That art is/has been/will always be
August 1994

Valentine's Day Skiing

Heaven can wait
But fresh powder snow can't
The peaks beckon, so
We rise up and up and up again...

Beyond the trees, beyond the birds
Beyond the morning mist
Lying snug across the mountainscape,
We rise up and up and up again.

We feel the crunch beneath our weight
The sun hot upon cool faces
Feel the wind rushing past our ears, and
We rise up and up and up again.

Then down we go, laughter bubbling
Along the way, ringing loud and shrill.
The thrill of downhill beckons now
Down, down, downward bound.

We stop, we look at glaciers and each other
Our many faces flushed with joy
We talk of falls and paths to follow
Down, down, downward bound.

We twist and turn, dancers on the snow
Sweet valentines, my mountain mates and I.
We drink the air, we breathe the sun
Down, down, downward bound.
February 1995

I Still See It

Will tranquillity ever be the order of the day
Or night? Do I truly wish it so?
Will the longing came to some marked stop,
or simply fade away?
The moon still dances (I still see it)
I still see the shooting stars
The unexpected beauty
In the lone iris amongst a disarray
Of weeds
Art still holds me in its thrall
And I am still the sole creator
Of this longing, wondering
Excogitating mind
July 1994

The poems on this page are excerpts from "Aeon" , a poetry anthology containing the works of 44 poets, published by Laury Dizengremel and Ed Long in 1995, and may not be reproduced without the express authorization of the author.

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