Sculptor Laury Dizengremel signs all her works with the initials ALD (for Anne-Laure Dizengremel) - click here to return to the HOME PAGE   "Artists of the Future"
a figurative sculpture in glass
by Laury Dizengremel

Artists of the Future - glass sculpture relief   I started working on the "Artists of the Future" concept a number of years ago. The first version was created directly in plaster, using several moulds from portrait commissions I'd cast in bronze.

The trick was how to assemble these plaster casts of faces in a pleasing manner to convey the idea of young artists emerging from the woodwork as it were... and so the piece Artists of the Future was born. Then I visited Art Fair 98 in London, saw a lot exciting work by sculptors working with this medium and decided to cast it in glass - a painstaking, expensive but totally rewarding process! Here the piece is lit with yellow light from behind.

Actually, every step involved in creating this sculpture was exciting, and the same excitement bubbled up when Paul and I were working out how to photograph it! (photo credit left - UK photographer: Paul Johnson)

Specs: cast glass, casting by Max Jacquard at Glass Forms, diameter approx. 34 cm, weight approx. 45 kg
Can be mounted as a relief (high not bas-relief) on the wall with brackets and backlit or placed as a free standing sculpture on a floor stand.
Limited edition of 7.
Also available in plaster and bronze (see specs by clicking on thumbnail of Plaster original)

Another view - under a different light....

Another view of the same glass relief under a different light...,
in the Future Hope Exhibition at the HSBC Headquarters in London.

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